Heart and dedication – the best ingredients in our recipe for success

Tages is the family business, which has always been characterized by the family's great heart and dedication and has combined traditions with new ideas throughout the ages. Perhaps it is the best ingredients in our recipe for success – to preserve the genuine café traditions and at the same time dare to think ahead. The company is today owned by Katarina Magnusson, the daughter Frida and the son Carl.

It all began 1952 when Katarina's in-laws Tage and Iris Svedberg purchased the Runas Café. After a few years, 1958, they moved into new premises and opened the Café Tages, where you traditionally served the coffee in the jug at the table. It was during the heyday of the cafés, when each quarter had its own café. During the 70’s, when the downturn in the industry was a fact, Iris and Tage took a completely new grip. They opened a hatch in the wall where they sold sausages with mashed potatoes. It was dared at that time to pick up food in the traditional café range. The success was a fact and you got two legs to stand on – a business concept that lasts even today.

Tages and Iris son Lars rose early into the family business. 1994 came Katarina into the company, then as Lars spouse. Ten years later the place next door was taken over, which had previously been a paint shop, and Tages became twice as large. The modern Tages have been decorated in a stylish and tasteful style. Further into the room the old hatch and the first Tages sign got a given a place – a glimpse of past times with the future and taste for the good. Tages is – now as then – a company where the sense of craftsmanship and the genuine coffee shop lives on, as well as the spirit that owners and employees are equally important parts of the family business. A company that has always been characterized by the family's great heart, dedication, power, inspiration and constant development forward.

Employee Stories

Sara Thomsson, Kitchen

A job with high tempo where we are a good bunch of nice staff, who are passionate about giving our guests the best service.

Maja Persson, Café

I think it's great to work at Tage’s, although I haven't worked Superlong! I have been greeted by a lovely, caring and professional staff. I am fortunate to be able to work in Östersund's most cozy room, with a homely atmosphere. The feeling you get when you come to Tage’s is that it is local and familial company which is mirrored as much among the staff, this has made me been well cared for and always feel welcome which is really important to me. Working at Tage’s is very enriching and instructive and I am glad that I can work in a workplace with so much love and care

Edith Ten Berg, Service

Working at Tage’s is to be part of a community. I have felt welcome from the beginning and to help and encourage each other is a matter of fact for everyone who works at Tage’s. The business is something I am proud to be a part of.

Tages konditori och kök

Alla dagar till 21

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Konditoriets öppettider: Måndag-Fredag kl 7:30-21. Lördag-Söndag kl 9-21
Kökets öppettider: Måndag-Fredag kl 9-21. Lördag-Söndag kl 10-21

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