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Hamburgerian - For the discerning and traditionalists

We believe in good food. In Tages Hamburgeria There are, among other things, our own burgers and meatballs, our own hamburger bread and our own mashed potatoes and dressing. The inspiration comes from American cuisine, with hearty burgers and lovely accessories. Bbq, Hot Mexi And sliders are some of our own specialties.


Burger, bread & dressing from our own kitchen. All our burgers are available vegetarian and vegan.

Burger of the month 170:-


2x80 gram Hamburgers with Cheddar Cheese, toasted Hamburger Bread, Cheddar Cheese Cream, baked yellow Onion, Barbecue Ketchup and Bacon. Including Drink, Fries & optional Dipping Sauce.


Original dressing, Västerbotten cheese, tomato, pickled onion & salad.


Smoked herb mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, caramelized onion & salad.


Truffle dressing, bacon, tomato, roasted onion, cheddar cheese, barbecue ketchup & salad.


Grill ketchup, creamy cabbage salad, cheddar cheese, Västerbotten cheese, caramelized onions & salad.


Sriracha mayonnaise, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, tomato & lettuce.


Aioli, lightly pickled yellow onion, roasted onion, tomato & lettuce.

side orders

Chili Cheese, 4 pcs
Mozzarella sticks, 4 pcs
Sweet Potato Fries

Tages home made dips

Honey dressing
Sriracha mayonnaise
Melted cheese
Blue cheese
Barbecue ketchup
Smoked herb mayonnaise
Truffle Mayonnaise
Tages original dressing
Creamy coleslaw

“TAGGENS” kids meal

Taggen is a 7 years old hedgehog, he has always lived at Tages. He likes to play football. Taggen is no ordinary hedgehog. He does not like insects, He likes to eats goodies he can find here at Tages, meatballs and ice cream is he’s favorites.

In Tage's Kitchen and Hamburgeria we make our Burgers and Meatballs on Jämtländskt meat. We make our own mashed potatoes and dressing and bake our own Hamburger buns.

Taggen serves he’s kids meal Every day. Choose between the kitchen's own meatballs, burgers, sausages, chicken nuggets or pancakes. Small milk/Beverage and our popular coloring/crafts sheet included.

When you buy one of the Tages kids meal, you get a coloring/crafts sheet with fun tricks and puzzles for the little ones.
Look out for our fun competitions on Facebook and Instagram with the chance to win gift cards or a super comfy Taggen hat.